Introducing Silvagrip® the next generation in non-skid surface technology

Aluminum Ceramic Non Skid Peel and Stick Coating

Exclusive to the market, Silvagrip® is ideal for demanding environments where costly skid and slip risks exist; this can include offshore and marine sites, public walkways and industrial floors.

SilvaGrip Europe

Silvagrip® is supplied by a specialist team with many years’ experience in the coating industries. It’s ready for endless indoor and outdoor applications and works in all weather – with a heat, UV, corrosion and salt water proof coating that is also chemical and oil resistant.

As a ‘peel and stick’ aluminium ceramic surface, with a very high co-efficient of friction, Silvagrip® is quick and easy to apply to a prepared surface. It’s also lightweight, versatile and paintable – plus comes with a 10 year limited manufacturer’s warranty for added reassurance.

Approved for use by US Navy vessels – meeting and exceeding USA Military Specification MIL-PRF-24667C – and certified by the Australian Flight Safety Helideck Certification Pty to CAP 437 for offshore landing areas, Silvagrip® is the strongest, most hard wearing and cost-effective peel and stick surface available.

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